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You are #1!!! The irrelevance of all other numbers and why you should stop waiting to go for it!

I have a daughter who is looking at colleges is very concerned about certain numbers. Her GPA, her SAT, her number of years of work experience. All of these numbers seem to be incredibly relevant on college applications, and the pressure can really be difficult for a young woman to handle. I remember those days well. Very stressful, a lot of peer pressure, and just a time where decisions become based on numbers. Even as we get older numbers can define who you are if you let them. For example how old you are, how much money you make and/or have saved, how long until you retire. Whether you are young or old(er) those numbers can severely limit your thinking. It is important to realize that every one of these numbers is irrelevant. The only number that matters is ONE!

You are number ONE! There is only ONE of you! You only have ONE life! When it comes to making a decision you have to have the courage to trust that you will do what is right for YOU! ONE decision at a time. There will always be reasons not to do something, or not to apply to a college, but the trick is to trust yourself to “go for it!” Some decisions will be right, and some decisions will be wrong, but all will contribute to building YOU into an even better, stronger and more courageous number ONE.

“Go for it!” So many people wait until they are ready, wait until they have the high enough test score or are old enough to apply for an opportunity. As much as numbers can inhibit you actions so can waiting. To wait to begin something due to lack of courage, confidence, age, test scores etc will absolutely be the death of achieving your dream. Waiting has become an epidemic. An excuse which limits so many people from achieving success.

The trick is to start or as I said above, “to go for it!” It always takes the most energy to actually get into action but once you get in motion you tend to stay in motion. Even if things may not go perfectly when you start they often have a way of working out as you build momentum.

Cure yourself of the plague of irrelevant numbers and waiting. Know that there is only ONE person who matters and that is YOU. Know that to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to you need to stop waiting and jump in! Life is an adventure and by going for it you will find the courage to live your life on your terms sooner rather than later.

Oh and don’t forget to “Be Fabulous!” Each and every day of that amazing life of yours!!

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