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Sleep is Fabulous! How a good night's sleep allows you to reach your full and fabulous potential.

How did you sleep last night? Be honest, now. It's just us here. 😉

As adults, we're supposed to get anywhere from 7-9 hours of 'quality' sleep each night, but most of us get by on maybe 6.

Sound familiar?

Did you know that lack of sleep can have serious consequences on your personal and professional life and, over time, can keep you from reaching your goals?

What goals have you been trying to achieve? Do you feel like you're always coming up short on meeting them? Do you want to feel a little "less than fabulous," lately?

It's likely your sleep.

It is critically important to understand that we can only be successful when we learn to take care of ourselves! Learning how to get a good night's sleep, be it alone and or in combination with establishing a nightly self-care routine, is critical to leading our best life.

This blog, in particular, is going to outline why sleep should be an important priority.

  • By sleeping more we become more competent and in control of our lives.

  • A good night's sleep allows you to be more creative, functional, friendly, and decisive.

  • It allows your brain to release and recover from all of the stimulation of the day, and when your brain recovers it works in an optimal state.

  • Sleep is highly restorative.

  • One's ability to solve complex problems and creativity is hugely enhanced by a night of sleep.

  • When you are tired and lack sleep, your memory, creativity, and judgment are all compromised.

It is not enough to sleep enough. The quality of one's sleep is also very important. There are two things necessary for getting a good night's sleep. Number one is that you must be tired. When you are tired from the day you often are able to fall asleep quicker and avoid all the brain buzz that can kick in when you lie down. Try to avoid naps during the day if they inhibit how tired you are when you actually want to go to sleep.

Being calm before you go to sleep is the second important factor in getting a good night's sleep. If you are wound up when you go to bed, you most likely will experience restless sleep. Try to disconnect from social media, family members or television shows that will upset or stimulate your brain activity and interrupt your ability to fall asleep. Many people use this time to meditate, pray, or write in a journal to calm their mind, let go of the day's stress and prepare for sleep. There are a number of apps that you can download to help you get yourself into a calm mindset before bed. I've used Insight Timer as well as Calm (both work fabulously)

It's always a good idea to have a bedtime routine in order to get your body ready for sleep. Take a warm bath, dim the lights in the room and/or turn off your electronic devices. Allowing your mind and body to relax and move into a calm state before falling asleep is important. Consider your bedroom a sanctuary for relaxation and sleep. Hang art that makes you feel peaceful, add a diffuser for essential oils or a source of music that will contribute to soothing both your mind and body.

I would love to hear about your bedtime routine. If you have any tips, tricks, apps, or journal suggestions that you incorporate into a bedtime routine, I'd love to hear them!

You can hop on over to my Facebook page FabMolly or comment below.

Make sure you prioritize sleep in your daily life: it truly will enhance your fabulousness, happiness, and success!


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