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Dare to Start! How taking little steps lead to big leaps towards achieving your goals.

Do you want to start a business? Are you striving to compete in a sporting event? Do you need to plan a party or apply for a job but doubts and fear are holding you back? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. The bad news is that until you START it will never get done.

It can be daunting and time consuming to accept a challenge. If you are like me you take hours, days and sometimes weeks thinking about all the things that you will have to do rather than doing them. When you accept a challenge it means you have to leave your safe zone. This signals your brain that you are in a state of discomfort which then triggers the flight or fight aspect of your thinking. This is where most people stop and avoid reaching their potential by not accepting new challenges. I recently wrote a blog about how failure is fabulous because it gives you knowledge, experience and resilience which are all important assets when accepting a challenge.

Dare to start! Break your challenge into little steps that you can take in order to get going. It is taking the first step that is critical. Little steps lead to big leaps. Each time you take a step you are practicing and improving your skills. That leads to more confidence and success so when you take your next step your resistance should fade. Little steps lead to less inhibition and allow you to experience triumph along the way. Triumph triggers endorphins which gives you the energy and motivation to keep going. Set goals that are easy to reach. It is better to do a little bit each day consistently instead of everything all at once.

When getting started it is important not to spend too much time researching a project while putting off implementation. Prepare a plan of action while doing your research. Keep your action steps small and manageable versus overwhelming and difficult.

Address your fears around getting started. As Dale Carnegie said, "first ask yourself: what is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst." As Nike's slogan suggests "just do it!" Your project or challenge will not come to fruition until you take the first step towards achieving your goal.

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