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Polka Dots are Fabulous!

I happen to be a bright and cheery person, The brighter, more colorful the better! Which is why to me, polka dots are fabulous. Check out this vintage change purse I found over the weekend. I was stumbling through The District Shops here in Denver

which is basically a collection of artisan boutiques under one roof, when low and behold this colorful little piece of joy caught my attention.

So why is that? I think polka dots are a sign of youth, fun and innocence. Polka dots represent simplicity. Whether they are very colorful or just black and white, people seem to be cheered up by a simple polka dot pattern. Maybe it's just me, but since this little purse was such a treasure I thought i would post about it and share my thoughts.

So what is your take on polka dots? Jump over to my FabMolly Facebook page and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you! FabMolly

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