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Is Facebook Safe? How I use Facebook to stay in touch with others.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately in light of the recent scandal involving a data breach and privacy issues that have been exposed through Facebook in the last month. People are questioning whether Facebook was transparent enough with users about how their information would be used and whether or not there should be some government regulation protecting personal data. All of these are important and relevant questions, especially in this time of technology and “big brother watching you.” In fact, it’s not just Facebook that is compromising your privacy. It can be your cable/internet provider. It can be the technology that is installed on your phone or in your car. The days of “privacy” may actually be a thing of the past because so much technology is collecting data on our daily lives and actions.

But the question still remains, why do I use Facebook, and the answer is simple entertainment. I am completely entertained and often educated about people and events on Facebook. I enjoy the “social” aspect of Facebook. I like keeping in touch with people. I enjoying reestablishing my friendships from college or high school by finding and following people on Facebook. I absolutely laugh out loud at some of the hysterical clips and gifs that people post on Facebook. I just enjoy it! As you know if you follow my blog, that my mantra and mission is to “Be Fabulous! Strong, Healthy, and Grateful.” I utilize Facebook to share that mantra and spread my energy. Feel free to like my Facebook fan page: FabMolly (shameless plug)!

We live in an amazingly complex world and are exposed to so many options, concerns, issues, and experiences both positive and negative often through our exposure to social media sights such as Facebook. Some people may use Facebook for just that purpose. Seeking information, sharing political or personal concerns or issues but not me. I use Facebook for fun. I use Facebook to laugh and share and enlighten others about ways to be and feel fabulous. I follow those people who make me feel fabulous! Although we can’t control what happens with some of our data that Facebook has we still control our news feed and what we like and want to see. We pick who are friends are. We pick which pages we want to like and follow. We also have the power to block people and pages that we don’t want to see. So although we don’t necessarily have control of what Facebook does with our data, we do have control of how we want to use Facebook and what pops up in our news feed. For me, I choose the fun and social aspect of using Facebook which feels fabulous! I hope you follow me there as well so that my posts help you to “Be Fabulous!” as well.

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