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How to inspire people from the road

Have you spotted the FabMolly mobile? It made it's debut on August 28th, 2018 on the streets of Denver, Colorado as my vision to bring my "Be Fabulous!" mantra out into the public by wrapping my car.

I inherited my mom's 2009 champaign green Lexus in May, and you know how once you start driving a car you start to see the same car everywhere? Well, that is EXACTLY what happened to me! I mean EVERYWHERE!!! It is a true testament to Lexus that people tend to drive them for years. And why not? They are great looking, comfortable to drive/ride in, and they last forever with minimum maintenance. So, I was pretty psyched when neither of my sisters wanted it, and that by driving it I could still honor and channel my sweet mom, Ann.

So anyway, I realized that this car was everywhere, boring and not at all not making me feel fabulous. Being a fun, color fanatic I thought that I would paint it either bright red, orange or possibly pink. Then I heard about "wrapping" your car. Again, I was thinking about picking two colors (pink and orange) and having it be a cool combination of those colors. Think front doors pink, back doors orange. Hood orange, roof pink, you get it, kind of? Well, just imagine bright and colorful. As I started researching car wraps and where to go in my area I learned that whether you put a solid wrap or a printed wrap on your car that the cost was the same. WOW, that opened a whole new realm of possibilities for me which can be a little dangerous.

Since I had recently branded myself "FabMolly," and created my mantra of "Be Fabulous! Strong! Healthy! Grateful!" I started to imagine printing that on the side of my car. I am also a HUGE fan of mid-century modern patterns so I started looking at different graphic designs that I could use. BTW if you have never heard of you NEED to check it out. It is a site where graphic designers upload their art and you can have it printed on to all sorts of cool stuff. Sorry, sidebar #1. So I found this fun, colorful design using the classic retro rectangles and decided to put a different "Be Something" message inside. Positive, inspirational, fun words and expressions to take my "Be Fabulous" message to a higher level.

In late June I put an interactive post up on Facebook that said "Be ____________," and had people fill in the blank. Great words were posted multiple times which is how my "positive pods" came to fruition. Be kind, loyal, honest, fair, fun, funny, real, true, loyal, and more were in the comments. Two of my favorites were "right back" posted by Arvid Vikse and "er" posted by Chuck Mahoney, both of which made the vehicle. In case you don't get it, Be er" spells... nevermind. Another favorite is "Be Have!" which was what was known as the magic word in our family growing up. The classic magic word is please or thank you, but in our household my mom would always tell us to "behave." As we got a bit older and my parents would go out of town or I would call her from college instead of saying "behave" she would just say, "remember the magic word." So the "Be Have!" pod is another shout out to my fabulous mom, Ann Bryan!

Next up was finding a graphic designer and a place to wrap my car. Through my business networking group, Master Networks and my friend Eunice Brownlee I was introduced to Liz Gooch of Calla Creative Ink. She was introduced to me as a graphic designer but i came to find out that her company actually is a printing company that could do my car wrap in addition to the design. WINNER! WINNER! CHICKEN DINNER!!!! At least for me anyway!!! If you need a graphic designer, printer, friend, and just an all-around talented person to bring your business or your concept into reality you absolutely MUST call Liz Gooch and use Calla Creative! It is not a big operation but it is very hands-on and detail oriented!!! Liz has been BEYOND patient with me. She listens and implements what I envision, but at the same time she has guided me and made suggestions that I really appreciate. . I truly can not recommend her and her business enough. I'm sure they do all sorts of different things so check out their website.

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