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Having Fun is healthy and fabulous!

Having Fun is healthy and fabulous!

Children are born with a complete understanding of fun! They don’t worry they just explore, enjoy and have fun. As we age, we become “conditioned” and “immune” to the world around us which often compromises the adult ability to have fun. So today’s blog is about learning some tips from children on how to experience joy and have more fun. Why? Because Fun is Fabulous!!!

Tip #1: Be where you are. Kids learn to explore and enjoy every moment. We as adults often stop, worry or analyze our actions which often makes everyday activities seem more like chores than fun. Stop and change your perspective about everything you do. If you are grocery shopping, make it a game. See how many people you can spot wearing orange, or count how many people have milk in their cart. If you are folding laundry, put on some great music and sing at the top of your lungs. Take a minute just to enjoy all that you do. We are all fortunate to be alive and able to change our conscious mind to positive, fun thoughts.

Tip#2: Get out of your comfort zone/learn something new. Kids are always learning something new and taking risks. Their brains are always hungry for new things, new adventures and a sense of curiosity. As adults, we often stop and think about the risks or worry about what other people think. Forget it! Let go and go for it! Challenge yourself to get out of your way and try new things. As you conquer difficult challenges, you will become more confidence which is fabulous. Letting go, trying and achieving can often involve all sorts of fun activities that you wouldn’t try if you overthink it.

Tip#3: Smile 27 times more than you do now. It has been said that children smile somewhere around 400 times a day while adults average about 15 times a day. That’s ridiculous! Decide to smile at every person you see. It will make them feel better, and you will be automatically more attractive. Feeling good and being happy are super fun and fabulous traits!

Tip #4: Notice nature. Children live in awe of bugs, birds, and flowers. As adults, we become immune to our surroundings and preoccupied with “things to do.” Take a minute to stop and smell the roses. Remember the recent eclipse when everybody went outside and experienced the beauty of nature together? It gave us all a sense of belonging and community. When you take a minute to notice a flower or a beautiful sky, I invite you to share that moment with someone around you. Often they will appreciate the reminder to enjoy the environment around them, and you will have made a new connection which is fun!

Tip #6: Use your imagination. Kids live in a world of make-believe. They makeup stories, have imaginary friends and travel the world all by using their imagination. Adults need to do this too! As adults we overthink, analyze or find all sorts of reasons why we don’t have what we want. Do yourself a favor and “act as if” instead of act without. Pretend you have what you want. Make believe you have what you want, and guess what? Often what you want will manifest into reality. This is a FABULOUS tip for all of us to put into practice starting today.

it!p #5: Handout high fives. Just do it! It makes the other person feel great, and you have fun doing it!

Tip #6: Create. Paint, draw and break out the crafts. Sure it might be messy, but it is a fabulous way to release your inner creator which is always fun!

Tip#7: Break the rules. Having fun sometimes means breaking out and doing something crazy and out of the ordinary. This can be both fun and liberating. An example of this is to wear a crazy outfit to a party, or hanging holiday lights in your bedroom in the middle of July. By just “letting go” you learn more, you gain confidence, and hopefully, have more fun in your day to day life.

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