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Going off to college? Fabulous advice for parents of freshman

This is a tough time of year for many parents because they are dropping their kiddos off at college. The fabulous Mel Robbins just produced two great videos about this issue, especially for parents of freshman. I recently posted it on my FabMolly webpage on Facebook but figured I should send out the link here as well. Be sure and check this out:

She also produced a video especially for college freshman that is a bit of a different take on some of the same advice. Here’s the link to that if you want to share it with your kiddo or with a freshman you may know

The bottom line is that going to college is a HUGE milestone for BOTH the parents and the kids. For parents, it is a time of letting go and sadness. For kids, it is a time of establishing your independence and learning how to figure things out on their own. These are tough transitions for both parties and know that you are not alone if you are in a period of struggle.

Either way, I hope the above content helps with your transition or that you share it with someone who may be experiencing this right now.

I would love to hear how you are doing with your transition this fall. Pop over to my Facebook page FabMolly and let me know.

Remember even in the tough times it’s important to choose fabulousness each and every day!


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