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Fred Rogers! Have you seen the movie?

I recently went to see the movie Won’t You Be My Neighbor which is a documentary about Fred Rogers. If you subscribe to my blog I am assuming that you know who that is, but in case you don’t Fred produced a children’s television series on public television from 1963 until 2001. His era was my era. I remember watching his show daily, and probably not appreciating how much  it influenced my development. If you are like me you know that there were only a few shows and stations to watch back then, so Mr. Roger’s was on the docket. The Electic company, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers were pretty much it for children’s programming unless it was the weekend.

A documentary film was released this summer (July 2018) by Focus Films, Inc., and of course, it received RAVE reviews. Although it took me a while to see it, I thought it was so fabulous that I would recommend it on my blog! Wow, what a visionary! A true ambassador for kindness, love and inclusiveness. He used his neighborhood as a safe place to discover and examine all sorts of tough issues like violence, war, politics and racial differences. He knew the importance of childhood development and that children too had questions about all of the scary things that were going on in and around the world in the 60’s and 70’s.

I think one of the reason’s that this film really resonated with me and others is because we again find ourselves in a world of turmoil, social and political unrest, and racial divisiveness. The problem is though that with the development of technology and media outlets there doesn’t seem to be such an icon for our kids today to follow and truly know that they understand us. Take a quick look at this trailer, and consider seeing the movie soon. It truly is FABULOUS!

Until next time, Be Fabulous!!! Fab Molly

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