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Failure Is Fabulous! Knowledge, growth and resilience come from experiencing failure.

Failure is fabulous? That seems like an unlikely topic of motivation, but in order to succeed, you must also experience failure. Reality is that with good comes bad, with up comes down and with success comes failure. It's not whether or not you fail that defines you. It is how you react and recover form failure that defines how you learn, grow and move forward which are all fabulous experiences.

To succeed or fail requires challenging yourself to do or try something. Accepting challenges allows you to experience and grow from that experience. Challenges make life interesting and experiences help you gain knowledge, courage and the confidence to take on bigger challenges.

Failure is a fertile breeding ground for learning. Professionally you can learn what could have been done better, but on a personal level, you can learn how to take your experience and grow from it. Failure can teach you about discipline, perseverance, courage, and the character it takes to overcome failure in order to achieve success.

Ask yourself whether the fear of failure is holding you back from going for what you want. Then explore what exactly it is that you are afraid of. Is it how you will look? Is it that people won't like or respect you? By exploring these questions you may find that you are your own worst critic. Failure is about learning and growing not about being good at everything.

Our society today values performance and success. We live in a world of "compare-itis" where money and material goods often are the benchmarks of success. Social media supplies a constant stream of people living fabulous lives, but keep it all in perspective. Every single person experiences failure. They just don't post it on Instagram.

It is so important to embrace your failures. When you fail you learn and grow and realize that you can't hit the ball out of the park on the first pitch. Embrace your failures, be proud of your efforts and always try again.

I would love to hear examples of how you experience failure and what that experience taught you. You can visit my FabMolly Facebook page to share.

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