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Boredom Is Fabulous! How experiencing downtime can enhance your creativity and formulate new ideas.

There is a misunderstanding in our society that boredom is frivolous, the opposite of productive. The reality though is quite the contrary. When you disconnect from electronic devices, allow yourself to get lost in thought, or remain in bed listening to the birds chirp is when your creative mind opens up to fabulous new ideas. Boredom and downtime allow you to connect with your inner self to discover your deep needs and desires.

We live in a very stimulating world these days. With smart phones we are connected to the emails, social media and news on an ongoing basis. Natural moments of quiet are becoming more and more rare which can often inhibit our creativity and mindfulness. Learning the benefits of letting your mind wander will not only help you mentally but physically as well.

"The outside world is just so stimulating, always pulling at you and asking for attention. It makes you lose the connection to your inner self, your emotions, thoughts and wishes. You end up being emotionally deregulated," says Jan Derksen, professor of clinical psychology. But, he counters, there are systems in place when things go wrong. "The rise of mindfulness is one of those counter movements. Mindfulness creates moments of psychological passivity - not thinking, but simply being in the moment and letting your thoughts run free. Sometimes doing nothing is crucial for your spiritual health."

The first step to learning to be bored is to accept that it is perfectly okay to daydream, schedule time off, and to just relax. Often free time and the way we spend it has become increasingly stressful. Just spinning your wheels, loafing and doing nothing is useful and good for you. Don't schedule things for your "free time" because then it's not free time anymore. Doing nothing increases the likelihood of you having the time and energy to actually achieve what you want. Being bored gives you space for new ideas. It allows your mind to recharge and create new ideas.

Having free time also allows you to connect with your inner self. You have time to slow down and listen to what your mind and body are telling you. Physically and mentally you relieve stress and can begin to tune into new ideas and creativity. Your body recharges itself in order to perform better and more efficiently when reengaged in the busyness of daily life. Let go of always being connected through your device. Take time to daydream and think about all the things that truly make you happy. When you connect to your inner desires in a time of boredom you can begin to set intentions and manifest your wants, ideas and desires into reality.

So I would love to hear how you spend your down time. Are there rituals or activities that allow you to get in touch with your inner self? Do you struggle with disconnecting? Feel free to comment on my Facebook page or website and share your ideas and thoughts. Remember, being bored is FABULOUS!


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