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The Be Fabulous Mantra Deck is to be used as a daily reminder of what you can do to 'Be Fabulous!'


Each card has a positive pod on the front and an intentional message on the back. Embrace each card to build confidence, happiness, gratitude, and an all-around fabulous mindset.


Whether pulling a card to begin your day, meditate with, ask an intentional question, close your day... or using customized spreads, it's all up to you.


There is no wrong way!


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Be Fabulous Mantra Deck

  • The deck will inspire you to reach your own fabulous potential in your own magical way.


    The Be Fabulous Mantra Deck includes 50 different cards to manifest your fabulous mindset.


    Instructions on how to use the deck are included but I encourage you to find your embrace ways to incorporate the deck into your life.


    Buy 5 or more Be Fabulous Mantra Decks, get a 10% discount! 


    Use CODE: IAMSOFAB at checkout.

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